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Introducing Catalyst Branding

October 19, 2012

I believe that expertise must be regularly refreshed.  True experts must expand their POV based upon what they learn from their work.  Assumptions need to be challenged, the impact of prior strategies must be weighed and data sets should be updated.

This is especially true in the field of branding.  There’s so much new to learn and so much we can do better to help our clients be more successful.

I learn most everyday from the work I do with clients, the research I do and the material I watch and read.  Learning is what keeps me from being old.  While my body betrays this fact, my mind is still as young as it was in graduate school, when everyday was full of new insight.

This year I celebrated my 30th year in the business by launching a new company with my wife and some good friends.  After 20+ years serving as one of the leaders of Interbrand, I formed Catalyst Branding to do what I love the most – to create and hone new and better ways to serve the needs of clients, who in-turn become good friends.

I’ve been having a ball working with a handful of great clients who enjoy the benefit of our pragmatic approach.  Along the way, we’ve learned a lot together, explored new ideas and implemented some very interesting solutions.

In the process, I keep learning and in several cases this learning has challenged some of the conventions I’ve grown up holding fundamental in much of the work I’ve done.

For the last several years my good friends have encouraged me to start this blog to share my observations.  After months and months of resisting their advice, I’ve finally screwed up the courage to start.  My intention is in the weeks to come, to share what I’ve learned in the course of each week.  It will be there on record for you to use or ignore, validate or refute.

I’ll have fun.  I hope you enjoy.  Let me know what you want more of and what you want less of.  I’ll try to accommodate your requests. In the meantime, thanks for paying attention.


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