Catalyst Branding

Celebrating our first birthday

January 3, 2013

When we formed Catalyst Branding a year ago our dream was to help good friends better leverage their brands to manage demand and drive growth. As we celebrate our first birthday, we’re excited by how quickly this dream has become reality.

We got our first year off to a quick start by working with our good friend Charles de Jonghe and his colleagues at the Aremi Group to create a new brand for an innovative new top-level domain name – .art.

We then jumped into our most comprehensive work of the year, partnering with our good friend John Gardner and his team to help customers, consumers and society overall to appreciate the material advantage delivered by a very special, yet relatively unknown company – Novelis.

Early in the year, we worked with one of our longest standing friends, Jim Little and his team at RBC to develop an integrated social branding strategy and to build a more effective brand measurement system.

In the summer, after Jim moved to a great company in Calgary, we jumped at the chance to join his all-star team of internal talent and external experts to help position Shaw Communications for new growth throughout Canada.

Throughout the year, we enjoyed the chance to work with our new friend, Dave Metta and his colleagues at VCE to help them better architect, position and name their innovative portfolio of converged infrastructure systems, services and solutions.

We had the most fun working with our good friends Sandy Jones, Rob Maxfield and Kyle Phillpots and their colleagues at the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland to prepare their venerable organization to influence the sport of golf in Europe and beyond over the next 20 years. This great collaboration involved very important meetings at The Masters, Kiawah Island, The Ryder Cup and best of all St. Andrews. Talk about dreams come true.

Along the way, I continued to collaborate with my good friends at Interbrand to serve important clients. I also worked closely with my good friend Kevin Clark at Content Evolution on some important initiatives.

All in all, our first year was superb in so many ways – good friends, great creative partnerships, challenging assignments and discernible impact. It was all very rewarding.

As for our second year, we look forward to more of the same.  It doesn’t get any better than this. My only regret is that it’s taken so long to get our website up and running.  Look for us to finally get this done by the end of this month.

We want to thank all of our good friends for their continued friendship and their faith in our ability to help them make a difference in their respective companies. I especially wish to thank my friend and creative partner Van Rais for his help in making this, our first year, so special.

Happy Birthday Catalyst Branding. It was a very good year.

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