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CEO Phil Martens and his team readied Novelis for growth through a two pronged strategy. In established markets, growth would come by forging broader and deeper relationships with existing clients. In new markets, growth would result by engaging new targets through the promise of more effective and sustainable solutions.



We were invited to help fuel this growth. Our analysis revealed that our collective task was simply to tell the organization’s story more effectively. Novelis offered a material advantage for its targets along each stage of the value chain, but was reluctant to assert this unique advantage. We built a branding and engagement program to celebrate the organization’s progress and assert its value for all targets. For customers, Novelis is a catalyst for innovation. For consumers, Novelis enables distinctive products that deliver the performance and aesthetics they seek while allowing them to do what’s right for the world. For society overall, Novelis is a force for recycling and re-creation, dedicated to securing more sustainable future. For all, Novelis delivers a material advantage. It’s not just aluminum, it’s Novelis Aluminum.






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